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How to know if you are eligible?

Applicants are encouraged to develop partnerships in the community to maximize the impact of federal funding. There are 5 categories of eligibility:
  • Housing Services
  • Prevention and Shelter Diversion
  • Client Support Services
  • Capital Investments
  • Coordination of Resources and Data Collection
Applicants must demonstrate that the proposed project helps to prevent and reduce homelessness in the community. The project should also have broad community support and meet the Reaching Home program requirements which are detailed in the Application Guide. Projects selected for funding must not create a dependence on, or expectation for ongoing funding.

Application Process

  • Read the Application Guide (DOWNLOAD)
  • Be sure your project falls within one of the 5 funding categories. See Section 3 of the Application Guide
  • Complete the Application for Funding (DOWNLOAD)
  • If you meet criteria for capital investment projects refer to the Sustainability Guide and Checklist (DOWNLOAD)
  • Complete and submit Budget Negotiation Worksheet (DOWNLOAD)
  • Apply! Double check you’ve completed all the required documents. Where applicable, provide supporting documents like letters of referral, business quotes, and invoices.

Next Steps

Only fully completed documents will be assessed.
How to submit:
Your Application Kit must be received by no later than June 11, 2021. Confirmation of receipt will be sent via email.